Trampolin de la Muerte – Mocoa to Pasto

In this episode:
– Destruction of Colombia’s incredibly diverse and beautiful environment for the sake of money that I’m told only a handful of people seem to benefit from;
– Epic scenic winding mountain route with steep drop-offs famous amongst Colombian touring cyclists and the people of the south;
– A poor night’s sleep in an abandoned room with a strong odour of urine and loud trucks passing by all night within 15 feet of my head;

Grizzly Bear Highway

After saying goodbye to my new friends in Corbin I set off at around 10am well fed and rested; an unusual feeling on this trip. I had been advised of a lot of grizzlies in this section and that it was extremely remote so I planned to stay in a cabin en route that evening.…

Corbin – heading into the unknown

Ok I wrote this a few days ago when I had no reception in the back country: After stocking my body up on pizza, I headed off up the 4 km hill from Elkford. Having had nearly 2 weeks of sunshine, the sudden rain storm was an acceptable hardship but my feet and legs were…

First days on the Divide

Having been through some phenomenal country in Alaska, I thought I had been through the best my trip would have to offer. However two days into cycling down the Great Dividing Range (aka Continental Divide in the US), I am blown away by some of the country I am passing through. As some of you…