Grizzly Bear Highway

After saying goodbye to my new friends in Corbin I set off at around 10am well fed and rested; an unusual feeling on this trip. I had been advised of a lot of grizzlies in this section and that it was extremely remote so I planned to stay in a cabin en route that evening. The day was spectacular, as usual; it had some tough rocky terrain and some nice sections as well:

Video link: Downhill

I arrived at the cabin only to find some unfriendly man had occupied it. Therefore I decided to push on to an alternate recommended camping spot another 45 km. Pushing up to cabin pass there were grizzly bear paw prints that lasted over a kilometre:


Not ideal then you’re getting close to camp in the dark.
Video link(the bell you can hear is a bear bell to warn bears of my approach):
Bear paw prints

I survived the night however and the next day up to Galton Pass was fairly challenging. Linking up two of the exceptionally underused gravels roads (non-motorized vehicles only) was a section of single track conveniently marked by this skull:


This was a muddy rocky track more suitable for hiking at times:


Some sections were very steep and impossible to cycle. I initially tried to push my loaded bike up it but it was even too steep for that. A slip there would have been disastrous; my loaded bike would have been almost impossible to retrieve. I ended up taking my bags off the bike and making three trips; tedious for a section that’s 0.25 miles long with significant elevation.




I made it through to the USA border at Roosville and crossed without any issues (“what’s in the bags sir? drugs?”… “Errr, no” … “OK, proceed”) and cycled on to Eureka for some well earned rest.

6 thoughts on “Grizzly Bear Highway

  1. Already in the States? You are making good progress. It must have been nerve wracking having to leave some of your stuff to get up the tricky bit – imagine if you came back and your bike had gone. And not knowing how long the difficult bit would be initially I imagine. Did you end up camping in your tent in the grizzlies section? Are there many bears in the States?

  2. Excellent videos. Great to watch and see exactly what its like. Looks amazing. Although if someone was standing next to you, it would be hard to tell who was the one talking!! Making great progress. Keep the updates coming – great to read!
    Stay safe!

  3. Wow those paw prints are massive!! Take it easy. Terrain looks really tough – still planning to do so much off road if it continues to be the same?

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