Colorado! Snow and brutal cycling conditions.

Made it to Colorado! Started in Rawlins, WY and had an extremely tough day today; snowing heavily, lots of elevation, cold, muddy tracks destroying my gears, 80 to 90 miles… No place I’d rather be. Started at first light and arrived at Brush Mountain Lodge in the dark.


Stopping for lunch


Aspen Alley (8500 feet or so)


Had to boil water to get this hideous mix of ice, snow, rocks, grit, and road grime on both the front and back gears. At one stage I could only use one gear. It didn’t take long to lock up again.


At the lower altitudes, it was horrifically muddy and tediously slow


Final muddy road up to the lodge; road became more and more primitive, mutilating my gears and reducing me to below 3mph. Was greatly amused when a couple of hunters passed me in their warm vehicle: “what the F. are you doing?”.  Glad you asked, I was just asking myself that same question…


Now in the lodge with my feet up. Bed tonight; a rare treat. They’ve not seen anyone on cycling this trail since the beginning of September. In fact they’ce never had a cyclist this late in the year.  For a good reason.

14 thoughts on “Colorado! Snow and brutal cycling conditions.

  1. I’m SO glad to hear you made it to Brush Mountain Lodge! I thought you were going to have to camp in the snow at Slater, and stay there till spring…
    Advice from Matthew Lee who has cycled the route 7 times and been so helpful in getting you the SPOT tracking device:
    ‘I don’t have much experience riding in snow. I prefer to ski in that medium.’ Maybe you need to swap the bike for a snowboard!

    • Ha ha yeah, it amused me when they said it. I do need to get south as fast as possible! (although it seems it will get harder before it gets easier as the elevation continues to increase)

  2. Nick we told you to get to Arizona and skip the silly mountain route 🙂
    you are a stubborn man… What a gruelling trip. I am glad we are heading to Thailand to cycle. All the best and stay warm. Jen and I are watching your blogs and rooting for you.


    • Ha ha, yeah it’s getting tough. Although until now it has been good sunny dry cycling conditions except for a few days; admittedly very cold at night! I’d highly recommend this route at an earlier time of year, it really is incredible. Have fun in Thailand!

  3. What a brave man you are? We are friends of your parents, and stayed with then a few weeks ago in their WARM house!! Best of luck Nick and keep safe, you have been through so much – we have been following your blog with interest. Maryan & David Milanes

  4. Hey Nick it’s the waitress who fed you in Steamboat Springs! I’m rooting for you too — it has been high 60’s and sunny here the past few days so I’m hoping the rest of your travels through the CDT in Colorado will be warmer than they were for you last week. Great hearing of your adventures and I’m stoked to keep updated!
    – Adrienne

    • Around 4500 miles since Prudhoe; things are starting to fail on the bike although the frame is holding up. Yeah the derailleur was bad! Same situation with front and also both brakes. Someone suggested using ‘bodily fluids’…

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