Maximum Impact – Carbon Offsetting – is it just b.s.?

Are you using your time and resources effectively to have the highest possible positive social impact during your time on Earth? How you allocate your time and money may not just result in a fractional change in your effectiveness.  It could change your impact (for better or worse) by a factor of thousands.  We must take a step back…


Final leg – Trans Ecuador 5 – Cuenca to Vilcabamba

This last stage from Cuenca to Vilcabamba was a lot of fun to ride but it had me in virtual tears for the penultimate day. Not quite the same altitudes as the previous sectors but it certainly passes through pleasant farm valleys / canyons and has the usual very steep dirt sections to challenge one’s calf muscles.

Cotopaxi again in the background.  Heading towards Quilatoa

Avenida de los volcanes – Trans Ecuador 3 – Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Quilatoa

Volcano avenue – This route included: some exhilarating and nervous moments passing through closed Cotopaxi volcano National Park via a back route and some private property; enduring hailstorms, fording streams and hiking through mud on the north side of Ecuador’s highest peak Chimborazo (which I resolved to return and climb); and following some manmade water channels by a somewhat treacherous drop off (real heart in the mouth moments). All part of the norm crossing Ecuador’s mountains

Rotated railway bridge2

Getting to Quito – TEMBR 2

After crossing several fields, running low on water, negotiating a massive wall and locked gate, a few days with an upset tummy (again) and passing through several tunnels on a old scenic railway I found myself at the Dammer farm for some much needed rest. Another spectacular section on the Dammer / Gilbert route.


Trans Ecuador stage 1 – Tulcan to Otavalo

Having ridden with Cass in Colombia over the tough (and prohibited!) pass of Volcano Ruiz, I was familiar with the kind of riding he likes… Just to get to the start felt like a hike to Everest base camp… I found myself in Imantag with no money, exhausted and no decent food. A Jehova’s witness saved me with $5…

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.27.21

Cali – The Hot Salsa Capital – Latin American Junkie

To enjoy Cali fully, it helps to know a bit of salsa so I cut straight to a few private lessons (scroll down for locations); then each night was spent practicing in the bars. Initially, a few awkward dances took place. This is the same for any new skill, I thought to myself, as I forced myself to approach the Colombian bellezas. We must battle through the small failures; small losses for future large gains. Soon I had enough to get by.


Trampolin de la Muerte – Mocoa to Pasto

In this episode:
– Destruction of Colombia’s incredibly diverse and beautiful environment for the sake of money that I’m told only a handful of people seem to benefit from;
– Epic scenic winding mountain route with steep drop-offs famous amongst Colombian touring cyclists and the people of the south;
– A poor night’s sleep in an abandoned room with a strong odour of urine and loud trucks passing by all night within 15 feet of my head;