Lago de Los Tres Winter Camp – Fitzroy, Cerro Torre. El Chalten

Time to strap on the backpack…. It’s -10C as I lie in the dark, waiting for the next 100 km/h gust. Each one worse than the last. Then it hits… A surge of adrenaline courses through my body as the tent is flattened against my entire body once again…Ā I have been unable to stake out the tent on the hard rocky ground, and it feels like I might get blown off the mountain.

Snow on the Carretera Austral. Part III. June. Puerto Rio Tranquilo to Cochrane. Patagonia.

“Even in March, people were arrivingĀ from Ushuaia telling us how we’re ‘gonna die down there’. ButĀ it turns out it’sĀ all hype. It was colder in Bariloche than it was in Ushuaia! It’llĀ be fine. I mean, really, I’m not sure what the big deal is.” Ā  The words of travellers in Villa Cerro Castillo. A few days later we were camping in -11C and 3 foot of snow.