Banff – Starting down the Continental Divide

Very quick update as need to keep moving, I’ll have to do some back posts at a future date. Have reached Banff and now ready to start down the epic Great Dividing Range. In some ways this could be the toughest challenge to date. Labelled as the ‘longest off road bike route in the world’, this trail runs from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border crossing through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico.  Consistently crossing passes of the highest mountain ranges in the US (including the Rockies, up to 10,000 to 12,000 feet ( exact figure to be confirmed)), this route has some very remote sections, plenty of wildlife (high grizzly populations included), a massive amount of elevation gain / loss and predominantly dirt track with some single track sections. The winter and snow is likely to be my biggest hindrance due to the late time of year and high altitude sections; I expect I’d be the last person to attempt it this year but haven’t confirmed this. The total distance to the Mexican border is around 4400 km.

Will be in and out of contact, but hope to update more frequently going forward.

Additions to my kit: bear bangers, flare, air horn, plenty of spokes!

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