Paso Rio Mayer in Winter – the Carretera Austral alternate exit from Villa O’Higgins

“Todos los pasos est├ín deshabilitados (All the passes are closed)….It’s very complicated here in winter my friend.”, the Villa O’Higgins carabinero officer explained. “The river can be up 100 metres wide and 3 or 4 metres deep.” ┬áAfter days of strangely warm weather and high rainfall in Villa O’Higgins, his words made some sense. ┬áMaybe it was impassable? ┬áAfter all he should know what he’s talking about, right?

Final leg – Trans Ecuador 5 – Cuenca to Vilcabamba

With its lower┬áaltitudes this may not win the award for being the most dramatic section of the┬áTEMBR┬ábut it is still a fun ride and a good way to get down to Peru… I made the mistake of deviating from the main route on the┬ápenultimate day onto a rather gnarly horse track…

Getting to Quito – TEMBR 2

After crossing several fields, running low on water, negotiating a massive wall and locked gate, a few days with an upset tummy (again) and passing through several tunnels on a old scenic railway I found myself at the Dammer farm for some much needed rest. Another spectacular section on the Dammer / Gilbert route.