Is Machu Picchu obligatory? Cusco

Whilst hiking through the jungle recently I stumbled across some rather pleasing looking buildings.

Even though photos of this iconic structure have been published an inordinate number of times and 8 versions of almost identical photos probably exist somewhere on the web, I can’t quite help myself.

Llama interlude

Incredibly tame llamas nonchalantly stroll around the premises providing a momentary distraction from possibly one of the most photographed tourist sites in the world.

More photos of MP

With two days of travel effort it was very tempting to skip this massive tourist magnet; however it undoubtedly turned out to be worth the visit…

The first few hours of rain till 9 am meant no classic MP sunrise photos but it didn’t stop the hordes of tourists.

The hike back out to Hidraelectrica along the railway

MP Tips: As far as I know, the cheapest and simplest way to visit is 60 soles return minibus from Cusco to Hidraelectrica (plenty of agencies in the Cusco plaza de armas to negotiate with) followed by a two to three hour walk to Aguascalientes. Then an hour and half hike up to MP in the morning. (One way was 35 sol and gave me the option of staying two nights in Aguascalientes allowing for a less rushed visit). Entrance was 128 sol or 145 sol (inc mountain climb). A half day afternoon price also exists.


2 thoughts on “Is Machu Picchu obligatory? Cusco

  1. Hi Nick
    Those photos are stunning! What a struggle you have had to get there! I have been following you but have not felt I could think of anything sensible to say – except perhaps “wow”. I think there must be times when you miss a nice warm fireside in the evenings? A lot of us – out there – think you are crazy. Good luck with the next bit of your epic and best wishes for Christmas. John and Gill.

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