Cabuya and Montezuma: more days off!

After long periods on the road, it’s always good to relax somewhere for a while. ¬†Cabuya proved to be a good place to do that. ¬†A relaxed and friendly town, I found a cheap but very nice place to stay with my new friends Tony (French) and Fiona (Scottish). ¬†They were friends with a number of French people who also decided that the Cabuya on the Nicoya Peninsula¬†was a good place to live.

Most of my time here was spent before heading to Pensinsula de Osa (previous post). (This written in Panama).


Jeffrey preparing deliciously fresh ceviche. He runs a tour business (Solo Bueno Tours) and has extensive knowledge and experience in the area and is also highly skilled in spear fishing.

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Jody (a fellow Englishman) was temporarily living in Cabuya with his fiancée with a view to a more permanent fixture abroad somewhere. Here out on the cape.


The final beach you reach on Cabo Blanco should you ever do the hike. The promises of exotic animals didn¬īt appear this time (except one very tame pizote near the entrance). Perhaps we came too late in the day – people hiking ahead scaring them off unwittingly?


This overly tame pizote was hard to photograph since it kept moving. ¬†It was also demanded food like a boss…


Oysters on nearby Santa Teresa surf beach. Thanks for the photos Maribelys…

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With it¬īs great beaches and awesome waterfalls, Montezuma was only several kms down the road from Cabuya. Although touristy, it was hard not to spend another few days here on my way through.


Main waterfall at Montezuma. This was too high to jump off the top although people got pretty close.


The second waterfall above it was smaller and easier but still a fair way up…


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