Winter snapping at my heels

Quick update. Currently in Pinedale, Wyoming. The passes are getting higher and higher (up to 9,500 feet) and it’s getting colder and colder. I feel like I’m still on the trail by the skin of my teeth, with winter snapping at my heels and gradually over taking me. The next 3 or 4 days to Rawlins are particularly tough since there is a chance of no water for long stretches (over 120 miles in one part) which means carrying excessive amounts and praying for no mechanical failure. Wyoming is shrouded in notoriety for bad weather in autumn with tales of extreme hardship in times gone by.  And I’m told the trail ’tilts upward’ after Rawlins  (the passes in Colorado are up to 12000 feet) so I’m going to have to assess the situation / weather there to see if a detour is in order. I’ve had to focus fully on riding the trail as fast as possible which explains the delay in blog writing.  Hoping for 80 miles today; I’d best get on…

6 thoughts on “Winter snapping at my heels

  1. Winter is settling in for us here in Whitehorse too – its a winter wonderland out there today. Great to hear you are pushing on & staying one step ahead of Jack Frost. If it’s enroute, consider a stopover at Hot Sulpher Springs in Colorado – one of the best hot spring facilities we found during our winter in Colorado. Best of luck with Wyoming!

    • Thanks Jennifer! I just cycled through the Great Divide Basin; 130 miles of desert and BRUTAL headwinds. A phenomenal experience. Much needed day off today but can’t hang about! Will check the springs out, cheers for the suggestion.

  2. Nick, Looks like the going is pretty tuff, we woke up to about 3 inches of the white stuff today.I hope you are staying warm and dry( at least some of the time!). What a awsome adventure, thanks for sharing it with us.Take care and I’ll be checking up on you! All our best ,Susie and the Baldy Mountain Ranch Crew

    • Hi Susie! Good to hear from you. Yeah there was quite a bit of snow in Steamboat. Rick and Josey’s donations have helped keep me warmer! 🙂 Supposed to be a bit of a weather window so going to make a dash for it across Colorado… N

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