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GPS tracks and points of interest below.

Scroll down for the route or….I started documenting the South American section of my trip on video.  Here is the playlist of the videos that feature in the blog posts (clips can be skipped):

Start: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (North America)
Destination: Ushuaia, Argentina (South America)
Route selection preferences: dirt roads and epic scenery

Export gpx? Click on the 3 lined menu. It seems to struggle with downloading all at the same time. Try de-selecting all except one and it should hopefully work. (In Chrome it did).  If you still have problems, leave a comment and I will email them to you. (The distances with long straight lines are generally where google maps couldn’t compute the route. Or occasions where I was compelled to take a ferry, sailing boat, canoe, or the (rare) bus (New Mexico to California))

NEW – points of interest (camp spots, directions) for Colombia below (or click here).

North America Ele_profile

North America profile (to Quetz. Guatemala). Distance: 13100km,Total elevation gain: 236km

Central America elevation profile

Central America elevation profile: Quetz. Guatemala to Cartí, Panama. Distance: 3800km.

 All Points of Interest (directions, camp spots etc) for Colombia can be found here as GPX files; let me know if you find this useful and I will upload other countries. For Android, I recommend using them with AlpineQuest.  For iphone, I have heard Gaia GPS is excellent.

10 thoughts on “Route so far

  1. I have been checking your site often and am concerned that you have had no new entries. I sincerely hope that you have not come to any harm and are just too busy to update…

      • Oh thank God and thanks for letting me know. I am really relieved as I had imagined all kinds of horrible scenarios. Enjoy your break and I am looking forward to following you again when you continue… The very best to you…. I am off to Punta Perula Oct 28 and back to Canada April 15.

  2. Hi Nick – this is an amazing adventure!
    I am planning to spend 1 month in Ecuador in June 2017, and follow the routes that you did. So all the information/videos on trip in Ecuador is really helpful! I have two questions
    – when trying to upload your Ecuador gpx files into Google map I got an error. Would you know what might cause this?
    – as part of your trip you followed in Ecuador you followed water channels, and crossed some really narrow and dangerous looking bridges (I am sure remember this part 🙂 ). I was wondering whether you have any recommendations on how to avoid this part, i.e. whether you could let me know at which point I should diverge from you route to go around, and avoid, the bridge.

    Many thanks for your help!

    • Hi George! I used It’s a little fiddly but they have instructions on the site. From memory, you upload your gpxs to gpsvisualiser then you download it in html form. Then you must upload this html to your server in the folders where your website is hosted and link to it from your web page. Good luck! If you get bogged down on something specific you can write to me.

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